Thursday, September 30, 2010

Organization Issues

I do have organization issues. I decided I needed to separate my scrap stuff from my personal stuff. Not that I blog so much that its out of hand, in fact I dont blog much, but I feel much better having separate blogs for separate subjects.

There have been time where I really wanted to post about my scrapping subjects but realized that most of my blog followers were not interested in such things. And when I referred my sCrappy friends to the blog they'd have to go through all the personal crap which I dont really want them all knowing. Dont really care much but I know when I go to someone's blog to see a cool LO, and there's pages and pages of personal life in front of it, I give up! Alas, here I am! Will post my sCrappy stuff here. Problem solved! For those of you who actually know me you do not have to follow this blog as most of you (OK, all of you except Cindy) are not sCrappers, and now on my other blog I will refrain from posting my LO's and such! Thank you and have a great day!